Wyandotte Museums
Marx Home (1862)  

2630 Biddle Avenue
The historic Marx Home, built in 1862, is a community space wherein groups can meet using the first floor of the building for presentations and gatherings. Many of these groups are part of the Wyandotte Museum support groups; the Wyandotte Cultural and Historical Commission, the Wyandotte Historical Society, the Wyandotte Historic Marx Home, 2630 Biddle Ave.Museum Quilters, and Wyandotte Museum Herb Garden Club. Other groups that utilize this space include the Wyandotte Beautification Commission.
Activities at the Marx Home
Along with regular group meetings, the Marx Home is used for art exhibits, receptions, live performances, and a series of monthly programs organized by the Wyandotte Historical Society. For a listing of Society programs, please click here.
Renting the Marx Home
If you are interested in renting the historic Marx home, please click here.
For Historical Information on the Marx Home, please click here.