Wyandotte Museums

The exhibits at the Wyandotte Museums fall into five catagories. 
The Ford-MacNichol Home
The main exhibit at the Wyandotte Museums is the Ford-MacNichol Home.  This building houses the Museums' collection of local history artifacts.  In addition, the home is furnished on the first and second floor to reflect the Edwardian era (c. 1910) and a typical upper-middle class household in Wyandotte.  Most of the furnishings in the house have been donated by Downriver residents and friends of the museum.  Guests can learn not only about the former residents of the Ford-MacNichol Home and life in our early 20th century city, but also of Wyandotte's prominence in the industrial and social history of the state of Michigan and the nation.  
The Basement Gallery
The City History Exhibit reinstallation has updated exhibits featuring current research on Wyandotte history, improved environmental conditions, new display cases, and LED lighting!  The new exhibit feature rarely seen images from museums and archives as far away as Quebec, Canada.  Artifacts from the Wyandotte Museums' collection have been in storage for year are now on display to showcase Wyandotte's facsinating past.  The basement exhibit space, focusing on Wyandotte's early history, feature several topics, including our Native American influences, early settlers, and early industry.
The Attic Gallery
Featuring later Wyandotte history, the Attic Gallery has been revamped as a permanent exhibit space.  Objects and imiages in storage for years have been put on display for the public and features many aspects of our community, such as our local government, sports, prominent businesses, recreation, and many other topics.
Temporary Exhibits
Navigating the Norm: The Women of the Drennan Family - Opening June 26th!
Highlighting the Drennan Family, this exhibit focues on  how the Drennan women both challenged and conformed to gender standards during the Edwardian Era (1901-1910).  The longest occupants of the MacNichol Home, this family's little-known story played out within the walls of the museum.  Enjoy the dresses, hats, and photographs that record the lives of the five daughters and their experiences establishing themselves as women during a changing time.
More about the Drennan family can be found here.
Seasonal Exhibits
The Ford-MacNichol Home is decorated for major holidays and often with an accompanying display of historic items associated with these special occasions.