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Wyandotte Stars Base Ball Matches  

2016 Match Schedule

Home matches are held at Memorial Field at Pennsylvania and 23rd unless otherwise noted.

All home matches begin at 2:00 p.m.  


Date Opposing Team Home/Away Win/Loss
May 7th Richmond Bees Home  Win
May 21st Walker Tavern Wheels Home  Loss
June 4th Fort Wayne Early Risers Home  
June 12th Saginaw Old Golds Home  
June 18th Welkin VBBC of Port Huron Away  
July 9th Bay City Independents Away  
July 16th Henry Ford Lah-De-Dahs Away  
July 17th Spiegel Grove Squires Home  
July 23rd Fort Wayne Early Risers Away  
July 31st Lumber City BBC of Flint Home  
August 6th Mt. Clemens Regulars Away  
August 14th Welkin VBBC of Port Huron Home  
August 21st Mansfield Independents Away  
August 28th Spiegel Grove Squires Away  
September 3rd Annual Home Classic   Home    
September 10th Bay City Independents Home  
September 17th Lumber City BBC of Flint Away
September 18th Plyomouth Red Rovers Home