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Wyandotte Stars Club Roster  

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2016 Roster for the Y&• Stars


Scott 'Midnight' Gagnon Kurt Hunter, Prospect
Andy "School Boy" Garden Chris 'Lucky' Lutkin

Ryan 'Blue' Gibson

Carl Szcumlanski, Prospect

Chris Crayne, Prospect

Chuck 'Doc' Taylor

Gerry 'Maverick' Haynes

Joe 'Dirt' Taylor, Co-Captain

Gerry 'Timepiece' Haynes, Co-Captain & Base Ball Coordinator

Andrew 'Axelrod' Gibson, Little Star
Alex Vallade, Prospect Conner 'Firecracker' Gibson, Little Star 
Brian 'Peanut' Holdren Tristan 'Flash' Haynes, Little Star
Zac 'Professor' Holdren, Captain  Vern Emmons, Prospect